Take fresh air
with you

From your car to your workstation, enjoy clean and fresh air wherever you are with Fanár.

Made for small spaces

Portable and lightweight, Fanár is designed to purify the air in small areas. Just place it wherever you want to efficiently remove indoor air pollutants and enjoy quality air.

Breathe easy within minutes

Equipped with a 5-step air filtration system, the Fanár portable air purifier can deliver clean and fresh air to you in just a few minutes. All you need to do is to bring it with you.

Use it the way you like it

Designed for flexibility, you can use Fanár as is to purify the air or simply lift the Top Cover to expose the UVC 222nm Lamp to sterilise the surrounding area.

Device Specification

All you need to know.

Device NameFanár
Input Voltage5V 2.1A
Power< 10.5 W
UVC Wavelength222 nm
Noise Level< 35 dB
Device WeightApprox. 400g
Device Dimensions72 (W) x 203 (H) mm

Pricing of Fanár and Parts

Outright Purchase
Pricing of Fanár
Promotional Price
(Ends 31st March 2024)
Regular Retail Price
(Effective 1st April 2024)

Parts Replacement

Air Filtration Module:
Silver Ion Layer
Activated Carbon Sheet
Medical Grade HEPA 13 Filter
Recommended to change

Every six (6) months or subject to
the frequency of usage

Download the User Manual

Make your home
nature fresh

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