Come home
to fresh air

Experience air that’s as clean and fresh as nature in every breath with ArFresca.

Filter them out

Home is where we embrace all that we love, but not everything is welcomed here. With ArFresca, you can efficiently eliminate indoor air pollutants and enjoy quality air.

A few minutes is all it takes

ArFresca has an impressive Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) that efficiently filters out harmful air particles and delivers clean air within a few minutes.

Clean and fresh air in just a click

With just a push of a button, ArFresca’s advanced 7-step air filtration system immediately gets to work to ensure that the air quality in your home is clean and fresh.

Smart Control at Your Fingertips

Manage your ArFresca anywhere, anytime with the Neumore App


Make it uniquely you

Let your air purifier be the talk of your home. Choose from 11 bespoke designs or personalise your ArFresca cover with an image of your choice to complement the look of your home.

*Personalise the fabric cover with an image of your choice.

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Pricing of ArFresca and Parts

Pricing of ArFresca
Promotional Price
(Ends 31st March 2024)
Outright Purchase3 Years Rental
With 3-Year Maintenance Without Maintenance
Parts Replacement (worth RM3,345.00)
RM249.00 per month RM179.00 per month
Choose from any of the bespoke designs above
Regular Retail Price
(Effective 1st April 2024)
RM4,990.00RM249.00 per monthRM179.00 per month

Optional Add-Ons

Bespoke Pre-filter Cover
Choose from any of the bespoke designs above

Personalised Pre-Filter Cover

Refer above
RM550.00This is only available for outright purchase.
Expect approximately 20 working days to receive your personalised cover. ArFresca unit will be delivered with a solid black cover while the personalised cover is being printed.

Parts Replacement

Air Filtration Module:
Silver Ion Layer
Activated Carbon Sheet
Activated Carbon Pellets
Medical Grade HEPA 13 Filter
RM295.00Recommended to change
Every six (6) months or when prompted by unit.
Part can be self-installed
UVC 222nm Lamp & Plasma Ionise
Refer above
RM225.00Recommended to change
Every twelve (12) months or when prompted by unit.
Requires Neumoré Technician assistance.

Device Specification

All you need to know.

Easy Maintenance

Pre-filter Cover
Wipe or Vacuum

Air Filteration Module
Change every six months depending on your environment or when prompted by the device

UVC & Plasma Ioniser
Change once a year or when prompted by device

Device NameArFresca
Rated Power150W
Input Voltage100-240V AC 50/60Hz 2.5A
Coverage Areaup to 40m2
Low Noise38 dB (Sleep Mode)

With Stand

Device Dimensions520 (L) x 300 (W) x 520 (H) mm
Device WeightApprox. 10kg

Without Stand

Device Dimensions520 (L) x 180 (W) x 520 (H) mm
Device WeightApprox. 8kg

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